MNE Architects is a Melbourne-based, design atelier which has been creating mnemonic architecture since 2009.

About Mne Architects

Through years of experience in designing and appreciating the built environment, we aspire to create spaces for you that ‘mind-map’ your inspirations and dreams.

We design spaces especially for you to shape your personal memories, as you create new memories and reminisce past ones.

Our interpretation of a mnemonic architecture is one that captures the users’ attention through the manipulation of space and form; crafting these with attention to detail, material and light.

We care about the art of memory.



What is mnemonic architecture?

Our interpretation of mnemonic architecture has been metamorphosed into our projects by capturing the users’ attention or ‘mind-mapping’ via spatial manipulation, juxtaposition of form, play of materials;  and the ambiguity between light and shadow.

Our architecture aims to be sustainable by achieving low energy consumption via ecologically sustainable (ESD) principles, whilst keeping construction costs efficient by employing innovative, construction methods and creative use of materials.

By simultaneously working with design principles and pragmatic strategies, our green, mnemonic architecture  delivers artful compositions that satisfy our clients’ briefs.